/gquit…..when admitting that you’re wrong isn’t an option.

24 Mar

I hope some of my guildies that read my blog have already heard this, if not, then here you go. Late last night one of Emerald Dream’s bright individual decided to speak his mind. No, not the normal trolling that you get in trade chat, this was a guildie. One of FMB’s finest seemed to inform us of how he felt about the gays, but the only arguement was that they were disgusting. I was busy leveling my alt, so I only caught a little of it. I seem to remember him saying he was a pagan. No matter, here is the end result:

I know, I should waste my time talking about people like this, but this guy was just full of it.

In return for you reading, I have a small gift for you, that can be only one thing….




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