The Great Orgrimmar Raid of 3/20/2011

21 Mar

I am fairly certain that many of us on Emerald Dream saw this image a few times last night:

The reason for this is the raid upon our beloved Warchief that took place around 10PM last night. A group of what I have been told were 160 Members of the Alliance decided that they would rock Emerald Dream, and they sure did. On and off the server crashed and reset for a total of three times. This got all of our attentions when we turned from our normal routines to deal with the problem at hand. Will all of the Alliance players that were cramped into such a small place, along with the numerous city defense groups all in one place it is no wonder as to why the server crashed as it did. With each crash of the server, Hellscreams HP was reset to 100%, causing many disgrunteled Alliance raiders. Where was I in the fray? Well with the lack of the ability to do any damage other that to drop AoEs I was parked outside Grommash Hold leading a City Defense raid and typing into trade, “LFM City Defense Raid.” Due to the major lag I am surprised that any of the Alliance players managed to get any spells off at all. In the end it drew to a close with us wiping the raid, though I am fairly certain that the Alliance were so annoyed that they wanted it to end anyway. Nice try Allys, but as always FOR THE HORDE!

So what does this mean? Why weren’t the servers able to handle this? Shouldn’t Blizzard be prepared for this? I am sure many of you do not have any idea of the answers to these questions, just like me. we can only hope that we can get a response from Blizz as to why their servers cannot handle such an event. Hopefully we can prevent the Great Server Crash of 2011 from ever happening again in the future.

Here is a screenshot that I got from a member of the Alliance, maybe it can give you a picture of how cramped that room was:

Credit to Lufitoom of the No Mercy Mafia (silent rage)


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